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Virtual Office Services

We, at the Acacia Business Solutions, offer you Virtual Office Services in Nevada!
What is a Virtual Office?
It is an effective way to get all your business calls answered through an answering service such as the virtual office. A customer service representative that is trained skillfully to embody your business even without having an office at all! Services offered for your Virtual Office provides you with trained people who will manage your customers’ calls. It will also give your customers the impression of your business having a big and established office. This will certainly give your customers the feeling of security when dealing with your company.
Our Virtual Office Services in Nevada will provide your business with the virtual services it needs!
• We will provide you with a phone number that has the Nevada area code of 775. This will let the customers feel the genuine presence of your office being located in the state of Nevada while your Virtual Office may not really be there.
• We offer a 24-hour a day Virtual Office Service via a live customer service representative. This is done via your Nevada Phone Number. All the call messages received by the customer service representatives are forwarded to the email address that you have assigned. This means you can check and answer your customers’ messages anywhere and anytime you want!
• We accept Virtual Office Services for forwarding faxes. A fax number with the Nevada area code is also provided by our company for your business. All the faxes received by the phone number will be forwarded as well to your assigned email address. This will be automatically done via the system we use in our Virtual Office Services.
• We provide your business a Nevada mailing address that will enable us to accept mails or packages for your company. We can accept US Mail, UPS and FedEx packages then have them sent to you in your given address. We shall forward you your mails once a week via a first class mail to any address located in the USA. The packages received will be delivered to you via FedEx Ground. The shipping fee of the package shall be billed to you.
• We provide Secretarial Services, as well. We will provide you with skillful individuals to answer and attend to your customers that would visit the office address that we have provided.
• We can give you access to a conference room, if ever you will need one. The conference room can be used to achieve the sense of the corporate world especially whenever you need to conduct meetings with your business partners or clients.
• Our Virtual Office Services will entitle you on the list of the Nevada white pages that are certainly for free! With your preference, we can all cancel you out of the 411 listing to prevent having sales calls at your Nevada phone number.
We, at the Acacia Business Solutions, want you to experience the best and most convenient Virtual Office Services there is. Therefore, call or send us now your orders and get your Virtual Office right away!
Completion of your Virtual Office Services order can be done via online or over the phone. Talk to our specialist at the number 775-841-1876. Our lines are open from Monday to Friday at 8 am to 5 pm in Pacific Standard Time.
Contract signing and the completion of your payment are required before we issue you the receipt of your purchase.
Receive your Virtual Office Services now after your payment receipt has been issued!