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It is easy to incorporate. Use us to pay the fees, prepare the paperwork, and send the articles to your state for filing and approval.  After we file your corporation, we will monitor it for you and send the official state paperwork once it is approved and completed. It is easy to order. In fact, most people finish in a matter of minutes. After we get the order, we will do everything you need to form your new corporation and start your business on the right track! 


Whether large or small, all businesses benefit from incorporation.

Here are the benefits of creating a corporation or an LLC (Limited Liability Company, Corporation, Partnership)

  • Protection of Personal Assets. LLCs and Corporations protect the personal assets of the owners by making the business itself into a separate entity. A well-structured company, when properly managed, helps keep owners safe from liability for corporate obligations and debt.
  • Additional credibility. The “Inc.” or “LLC” shown after the name of your business name adds instant authority. In many industries, Vendors, Partners, and Consumers may prefer doing business with a company.
  • Protect Your Business Name. In most states, your corporate/LLC name is protected. Other businesses cannot file their business under the same name as yours if they do business in the same state where you are incorporated..
  • Perpetual existence. Even if management or ownership changes in your Corporation or LLC you business will still exist. This is better long-term for a business than a sole proprietorship or partnership, which just ends if an owner leaves the business or dies.
  • Tax flexibility. Profits and Losses usually pass through LLCs, reported on the owners’ personal income tax returns. However, an LLC can also be taxed just like a corporation. A corporation can choose to be have a Subchapter S status, and avoid the double tax of company profits and quarterly dividends.
  • Deductible expenses. Corporations and LLCs both can deduct expenses of running their business, such as salaries, before allocating income to the owners. This often puts the owners in a lower tax bracket, which lowers how much they have to pay the IRS.


Should My Business form a corporation or an LLC?

Both Corporations and LLCs are separate business structures, which enjoy legal protection and other important benefits. Most business owners form a corporate business structure to protect their private assets.

By forming an LLC or a Company, you can conduct business without the worry that you could lose your car, personal savings, or home because of business liabilities.

Set up a corporation or an LLC now to safeguard your private property and reduce your taxes. Or, test the Business Startup Wizard to learn what other business owners in your state and industry. Compare LLC, Corporation, and Partnerships. click here.

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