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Certified Copies

Order a True and Correct Copy of Your Records

State governments issue certified copies to verify that the copy matches the document on file in their records. Businesses commonly request certified copies of their formation documents on file with the state. Most states attach a cover page bearing the state seal or the signature of the Secretary of State to a copy of the articles or certificate of formation.

Acacia Business Solutions can help you purchase a certified copy of a state document. Contact a Business Specialist at to place an order. Fees vary by state.


Who Needs a Certified Copy?

Companies often need certified copies of documents to replace lost or damaged documents. Certified copies of documents may also be requested by:

  • Other state governments, if you want to register your company to do business in additional states
  • A lender, in order to obtain financing
  • A bank, in order to open a business checking account
  • Potential business partners or investors


Place Your Order Now

Request a certified copy of a document from Acacia Business Solutions as follows:

  • Call and request a certified copy.
  • Tell us which document you need certified (for example, your Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation).
  • Make payment and provide basic information about your company, like its name and state of formation.
  • We order a certified copy of the requested document from the Secretary of State.
  • We send your document to you.



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