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Bylaws and Agreements

Corporate bylaws set forth the company’s rules and regulations. Similar to bylaws, an operating agreement provides the framework for operating the Limited Liability Company. The bylaws and the operating agreements are not filed with the Secretary of State. They are kept with the business with their internal company records.

Regardless of the state in which you formed your LLC, Acacia Business Solutions can we can also

Why do you need Bylaws or an Operating Agreement?

  • State laws require corporations to create bylaws documenting the management of the corporation.
  • Bylaws or operating agreements are generally requested by:
  • (1) A lender, to obtain financing
  • (2) A bank, to open a business checking account
  • (3) Potential business partners or investors
  • (4) Your attorney or Accountant 

Acacia Business Solutions Will Provide You With The Appropriate Bylaws or Operating Agreement, $ 325.00.

Provide acacia with copies of your articles of formation from the state that you formed your corporation or LLC. With over 40 years of corporate, LLC, charitable foundation, trust, business management, and consulting experience, our staff and senior advisor can provide you all the assistance necessary to complete appropriate Bylaws o operating agreement.

How to Order Bylaws or Operating Agreement?

  • Sign our contract and complete invoiced payment online or by phone. $325.00
  • Speak with an advisor, explain your situation and particular circumstances, and give particulars related to your business activity; 775-841-1876, Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Pacific Standard Time or email:
  • Acacia Business Solutions is not a law firm or an accountancy organization; neither the general staff nor senior advisor is an attorney or  CPA. If you seek legal or accounting advice, you should contact an attorney or CPA. Acacia Business Solutions is a Business Management, Advisory, and consulting company with over 40 years of corporate and business management experience.


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