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Nominee Services

This kind of service will give you another level of privacy and protection. The nominee service is a higher level of security and confidentiality. We have the nominee services to help your business entity with protecting your privacy. The purpose of using this kind of service is to hide and protect the identity of the client. It provides discretion and anonymity for protection and security. The nominee is a person who accepts and sign documents and appointments.

Conversely, the nominee does not have the right to control over the business, and they are not entitled to manage. The Corporation and LLC have to register and address at least one officer for the Secretary of State. We have low annual fee because we provide information for the public record of the Secretary of State. There are things like giving authorization to the nominee to help the owner run the company such as giving the nominee the Power of Attorney.

Purpose of Nominee Services

The use of nominee services is to help business people in a legal way of keeping the identity anonymously. The Acacia Business Solutions specializes in several corporate services; most likely the nominee services that will help you to plan carefully and give full assistance on legal issues you will be dealing with. Another purpose of using this service is to conceal their identity as the owner of the Corporation and business.

When you use the nominee services, the owner can keep their name off the public record. It helps a lot with protecting you from lawsuits, summons and attachment legally. We can help you list your nominee as an officer to be in place for you to protect you from linking to the company. We will help you in the legal process, to provide you high quality protection and privacy with our nominee services.

We have Three Levels of Nominee Service Package For You

The Level 1

Our level one of the nominee service package has a public record nominee that will provide your Corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Company) with a manager or an officer to be listed for public record.

The Level 2

Our level two of the nominee service package is in full assistance that let you assign the officer or the manager of the public record but also to sign documents, contracts, letters and all other papers. There are maximum numbers up to twenty (20) of documents per year for the nominee officer or manager to be signed.

The Level 3

Our level three of the nominee service package will provide an attorney officer or a manager for the public record. In addition, the nominee officer or manager will run the company for its day to day operation. The owner and the attorney nominee communications are protected by their privileges.

Our Nominee Services Price:

We can maintain your nominee records for an annual fee, and our service is offered in all 50 United States.

Level 1 $250.00

Level 2 $500.00

Level 3 $1500.00

You can order through online with our online form, or you can call our Technical Support and Specialist at our service numbers. We have regular hours of operation from Monday-Friday.